What makes your property management company different?

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We love getting asked this question because we love sharing what’s special about us! There are three main ways in which we stand out:

  • Our focus on education. We believe the best way for a rental investor to be successful is through knowledge. This includes teaching our clients on such topics as: what it takes to be a good steward of your home; taking care of tenants so they take care of your property and stay longer; being financially prepared for the costs of owning a rental property; choosing the best properties to buy; and many more.
  • We don’t just “babysit” your property—we actively seek to help you save money and make money. This includes maintenance troubleshooting that leads to simple no-cost repairs performed by tenants; protesting your property taxes; choosing the best qualified tenants (not the first qualified) as this allows us to get you more rent when applicants bid for it competitively; sending air filters to tenants (at no cost to you) to protect and enhance the life of your HVAC system; and having a Resident Benefits Package that rewards tenants in various ways for on-time payments.
  • We keep the most critical functions of property management in house and don’t outsource them. There are companies that will vet applicants, lease homes and handle maintenance for us but we don’t use them. We know that the best way to ensure quality, timeliness and accuracy is by performing these key services ourselves. It creates a greater connection with our tenant community and ensures that we know what is going on so we can better serve you.

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