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Your Resident Benefits Package comes with a utility concierge service. Citizen Home Solutions will turn this hassle into a simple 10–15-minute conversation designed to create your accounts, schedule installation, and find you the best bargains available. Citizen Home Solutions will reach out to you within 24 hours of you signing your lease and paying all required monies. If you don’t hear from them, please let us know.

First thing in the morning on your move-in date, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to get your keys from a lockbox at the property.

Yes, as per Texas Law, we are required to change the locks between occupants.
As per Section 17D(2) of your lease, tenants are not permitted to remove, change, add, or rekey any locks. If you have a particular reason you feel you need to change the locks, please contact us to discuss.
A full make-ready is performed in between occupants. We have a detailed inspection performed to determine what needs to be done and then make the necessary repairs. Maintenance items that are standard in between occupants include an HVAC check, rekeying of locks, roof inspection, property code compliance issues, a one-time pest control treatment, lawn care, house cleaning, and fireplace inspection when present.
Maintenance issues that are non-emergencies are reported online in your Resident Center. Please log in to your Resident Center here. Your username is the email address we have on file for you. Once logged in, click on the Requests tab and “Create request.” Please include photos whenever possible, as this helps to expedite resolving the issue.
An inventory and condition form will be provided to you in your move-in email. You’ll also find a paper copy in your tenant welcome bag, which you’ll find inside the home, most likely on a kitchen counter. Please use this form to document any existing damage that you see upon move-in. This is your protection from being held responsible for those damages when you move out, so please be as thorough and detailed as possible. You are required to return the inventory and condition form within 7 days of your move-in date.
Rents are paid online. Please log in to your Resident Center here. Your username is the email address we have on file for you. Once logged in, click on the Payments tab and “Make payment.” When choosing a payment amount to make, please review your account balance on the same page first. You can also set up autopay for rent and other regular fees, such as your Resident Benefits Package. Click on “Set up autopay” and fill out the form. Payments can be made by checking account or credit card. There is no fee to pay with a checking account; the service fee is 2.95% for credit cards.
Yes you can pay using a credit card and there is a 2.95% service fee.
We do not accept cash or personal checks. Payments are made online in your Resident Center, either by checking account or credit card.
If rent is unpaid by 11:59pm on the 3rd day of the month, a $100 initial fee will be charged on your account plus $25/day until rent and late fees are paid in full. If the full amount is not paid, please note that your payment will be applied first towards late fees and the remainder towards rent. Thus, if you haven’t paid in full, you will continue to be considered past due on rent and will continue to accrue late fees.
This may be possible. Please give us a call to discuss your options.
Your new roommate will need to submit an application with application fee and qualify to live in the home just like you did. If they qualify, we will add them to the lease. There is a $100 processing fee for this service.
Let us know when your roommate is moving out so we can send out an amendment to reflect this change. The fee to remove a tenant from the lease is $100. In most cases this does not release your roommate from the obligations to the lease. We suggest you get in touch to discuss how this works.
The maximum lease term we typically offer is 2 years, but please contact us to discuss your options.
This may be possible. Please give us a call to discuss your options.
We don’t get involved in disputes among tenants, but if you have a problem that can’t be resolved, please give us a call to discuss possible solutions.
Please review Paragraph 28 of your lease, which covers early terminations. You can find a copy of your lease in the Documents section of your Resident Center. Notice must be provided in writing. Please note there will be an early termination fee specified in your lease, which is due as soon as the landlord agrees to the early termination and should be paid in your resident portal. Tenants are not released from Tenant’s obligations under the lease, such as paying rent, keeping utilities on, maintaining the lawn and keeping the home clean, until new tenants move in.
Please review Paragraph 28A(2) of your lease, which covers this scenario. You can find a copy of your lease in the Documents section of your Resident Center. You may terminate the lease if you provide us with a copy of documentation described under §92.016 of the Texas Property Code. If the family violence is committed by someone other than a co-tenant or co-occupant of the Property, you must give written notice of termination 30 days prior to the effective date of the notice.
Please review Paragraph 28A(1) of your lease, which covers this scenario. You can find a copy of your lease in the Documents section of your Resident Center. If you become a servicemember or a dependent of a service member, you may terminate the lease by delivering to us a written notice of termination and a copy of an appropriate government document providing evidence of: (a) entrance into military service; (b) military orders for a permanent change of station (PCS); or (c) military orders to deploy with a military unit for not less than 90 days. Termination is effective on the 30th day after the first date on which the next rental payment is due after the date on which the notice is delivered. §92.017 of the Texas Property Code governs the rights and obligations of the parties under this paragraph.
First, before you can get a pet you must get permission from us, as not all of the homes we manage allow pets. If your home does allow pets, you are required to fill out the pet application at PetScreening. Once completed, you’ll need to pay the pet deposit ($350–500 depending on the outcome of the pet application) plus a $100 fee on your resident portal.
As per Section 17D of your lease, it is prohibited to alter/replace the existing paint in the property. If you wish to make modifications, you must request these in writing through the Resident Portal and receive written approval and agree to any applicable conditions before proceeding. Conditions may include additional fees, deposits or parameters for the modification. You may or may not need to paint it back at the end, which will be at the landlord’s discretion.
In many cases, you will be able to. However, this is still under the discretion of the landlord and is subject to approval. Please reach out to us to discuss any landscaping or gardening wishes you have.
You are required to get permission from us before installing a ceiling fan. Note that, as per Section 17D of your lease, any fixtures installed on the property (authorized or unauthorized) will become the property of the landlord and can not be removed when you move out.
It depends on the property but most of the time we do. We at SmartEgg are animal lovers but sometimes the landlords don’t allow pets due to allergies or home insurance policy limitations. The rental listing will indicate whether or not pets are allowed. Where pets are accepted, part of the application process is filling out a pet application through PetScreening for each pet.
Yes we do (with very rare exceptions). We have you fill out a pet application at to confirm your animal is a legitimate support animal and once confirmed, your animal will be added to the lease as an occupant. Support animals are not considered pets and, as such, no pet deposits are charged, but you will still be responsible for any damage caused by your animal (should that happen).
Yes. All of our tenants are required to have renters insurance. We make it easy for our tenants by providing a master renter’s insurance policy that is highly rated and provides excellent protection. You will be automatically enrolled as our tenant unless you provide us with your own renters insurance policy. To register your own policy and make sure you have the required protections, please go here.

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