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At Your Doorstep

Only The Smartest At Your Doorstep

Our team is the smartest in the business and cares for all of your property management needs from start to finish.

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Who We’re For

We’re the team of choice if you’re looking for a headache-free, hands-off experience.


As the stewards of your property, we take our role seriously and take on the property as if it were our own. That means we handle everything from maintenance and tenant issues, collecting rent, late night emergencies, to evictions and protesting property taxes.


We alert you of any repairs that are $500 or above, or when a lease is about to expire, but other than that, we’ve got everything handled. If getting this all off your plate sounds blissful, we’re the right team for you.

We Create Happy Tenants

If you’re not committed to doing what’s needed to upkeep your investment property and to create a comfortable living environment for your tenants, we’re not the property management team for you. 


We align with property owners who care about doing good, treating others well, in a great place people can call home. We aim for happy tenants because they take better care of your property and are more likely to renew, both of which can substantially reduce costs to you. Talk about a win-win.

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We Support Women’s Success

We’re passionate about helping women invest smart, whether it’s in their investment properties, themselves, or their careers.


That’s why we’re proud to donate our Realtor referral fees and sponsor Toast & Tour events for Dress For Success Austin, a non-profit organization that empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire, and the tools to help them thrive at work and life.

Our Team

SmartEgg runs its properties with hard working, detail oriented, and caring team members who know their stuff. Here are some of the friendly faces you’ll see when you work with us.

Founded by
Abigail Lipson

To me, SmartEgg is more than just a company. It’s the result of a multi-year transformation in which I went from struggling to support myself to buying my ex-husband out of our shared company, managing a substantial number of properties, and owning three duplexes. It took my divorce and a lot of work to get here, but now I hope to help others gain the knowledge and confidence to take control of their financial future and experience the same level of security I’ve created. 

Like most people, I dreamed of financial stability. Particularly, of having enough savings that I never had to worry about unexpected expenses. And I was lucky enough to have all the tools to achieve this. I graduated with honors from an Ivy League school, found work, and contributed to a 401K. 

Unfortunately, I still didn’t truly believe I could build a nest egg on my own. Instead, I naively assumed my financial well-being would be taken care of once I got married. 

For several years, things went as planned: I got married and began to help my husband with his property management company, learning a great deal about the business as I went. Then, when my marriage ended, in addition to dealing with the emotional fallout of the divorce, I wasn’t making enough money to be comfortable and thrive. It was a low point filled with anxiety and fear.

I rented the least-expensive apartment I could find, got project work with a former employer to boost my income, and continued to manage properties through the company I still shared with my ex-husband. I eventually saved enough to buy my third duplex, this time living on one side rent-free, thanks to the tenant on the other side who covered the mortgage. 


The most-significant progress took place when I began working with a financial advisor. I got sound advice, set up a budget that I still follow, and started to educate myself through books about finance and investing. This process helped me establish financial buffers in both my personal and business budgets. And thanks to the strategies I learned, I paid off the mortgage on one of my duplexes 23 years early and eventually bought out my ex’s share in our business as well as another property we co-owned. 


Now, I no longer have fears about money, and rest comfortable knowing that when I experience setbacks, I’m still safe. 


If the experience that led me to start SmartEgg has taught me anything, it’s that many women have not been prepared to take ownership of their financial independence due to divorce, upbringing, or other influences. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping them to change their mind-set, invest in real estate, and develop the skills that will make them financially free.

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