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How to Stand Out as a Prospective Tenant

Summer is the busiest time of year for leasing rental properties and we are moving into busy season as we speak! While there are many homes to choose from, there are many people seeking to nab those homes! In order to stand out from the crowd, you’ll want to be the best applicant possible. This may sound obvious but the first thing a prospective tenant should do is make sure they qualify for the home before even viewing it or applying! You can read our rental criteria here.


They say first impressions are everything—for us, that first impression is your rental application! You’ll want to make sure your application is complete and transparent.


Ways to stand out include:

  • Excellent credit and clear record
  • No evictions and good references from previous rentals
  • Monthly income at least 3 times the rent
  • Responsiveness and follow-up
  • Enthusiasm and eagerness!


Come prepared when looking at rentals. Have all your paperwork and employee and landlord contact info ready so you can apply right away if you find something you like. We accept multiple applications for a property and choose the best qualified, so being prepared and thorough will serve you well!


Another great way to stand out from the crowd is to sweeten the pot, so to speak. You can offer more rent, a longer lease term, or an earlier move-in date. In real estate sales, they refer to this as your “highest and best” offer—renters can do this too!


We offer an online application to make it easy for you to apply to our rentals. Want to know all we have available right now? Check out our website. More rental listings are being added all the time, so keep checking back!


If you’re not in the market for a rental yourself, now you know how your friends and family can snatch up one of our homes, so please do share our listings with them!



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