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Why We Have a Mandatory Air Filter Program

Typically one of the biggest hassles for tenants is remembering to buy and change air filters. This leads to higher energy bills and poorer air quality in the home. No one is happy when the A/C breaks down—often it’s because of something as simple as forgetting to change an air filter!


Clean air filters help keep the A/C running efficiently, saving everyone 5–15% off heating and cooling bills every month!


Our leases already require tenants to replace the A/C filters monthly. The reality is that most tenants forget, plus it’s a pain going to the store and tracking down the right size! We check air filters on our preventative maintenance inspections and when we find that they’re dirty, tenants can be charged an additional fee to cover higher A/C costs to the Landlord due to tenant negligence. Filters are one of those “out of sight, out of mind” items and, as much as tenants really want to be good, it’s easy to forget!


But we found a solution! Enter the Air Filter Program.


If tenants have central air in their rental, each month we will directly mail them all the appropriate A/C filters so they don’t have to think about it at all! The first delivery will include instructions on how to change the filters. The filters will be shipped out every month directly to tenants.


If you are a tenant with us and haven’t received your filters recently they were probably on back order because they are a popular size. Be patient and they should be arriving shortly.


We’ve removed the forgetting and hassle of buying filters, and are instead putting our tenants in a position to save 5–15% off of their heating and cooling bill with this mandatory program. Most importantly, we’re helping to create a healthy living environment for everyone.


We will add $20 to the total monthly rent amount. It’s just $20 no matter how many filters tenants need! This payment is mandatory for all units with central air. It covers all of our costs in purchasing and delivering the A/C filters directly to tenants, as well as any follow-up inspections. Our goal is to create the best experience for tenants by putting them in a home with the healthiest environment, giving them loads of convenience, and saving them money on utility bills! All tenants have to do is change the filter when they arrive on their doorstep.


This program is an added bonus for our property owners to ensure the life of their air conditioning systems. It’s really a win/win for everyone!


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