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Smart Home Technology on the Rise

Smart Home Technology


At SmartEgg we follow the latest technology trends affecting property management. We seriously nerd out on technology! It funs and it makes our lives easier. Plus we know it makes the lives of our clients and tenants easier. For example, it’s wonderful that tenants can make payments and submit maintenance requests through their very own tenant portal; and it’s equally great that we can pay our owners electronically directly into their bank accounts!


What we’re most excited about right now is Smart Home Technology. This covers a range of features but includes such things as:

  • Keyless entry via a digital keypad
  • Smart thermostat
  • Smart lights
  • Home security
  • Tenant control of all of the above features via a mobile app
  • Amazon Alexa integration


We know Millennials love technology and want to control pretty much everything from their phones. Home automation allows you to turn on the alarm, lock the door, set the thermostat and control the lights remotely. The heat can be adjusted to your perfect setting before you arrive home after a day at work, and if you’re unexpectedly out after dark, you can turn on some lights to make you appear at home.


Smart Home Technology is also great for rental property owners because it reduces costs during tenant turnovers since there’s no need to change locks. Plus properties with the latest tech features are more attractive to renters—they get convenience, cool amenities and lower utility costs—this increases the rent you can ask for and has the potential to greatly reduce time on market.


SmartEgg works with Rently Keyless to provide the best home automation for our vacant properties. Their hardware and software are built to work specifically with rental properties and seamlessly integrate with our tenant showing process during vacancies. They use high quality equipment and provide private portals for both tenants and property managers.


Which Smart Home features do you love the most? Which would you like to see in the homes you own or rent? Let us know if you’d like to learn more!  


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