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Holiday Tips for Renters

Holiday Tips for Renters—Don’t Burn the House Down and Other Requests


Nobody intends to set their home on fire but I think it’s especially bad when you’re a renter and don’t even own the house, don’t you think? If something serious like that happens you’ll have to deal with the property manager and the owner and we can’t imagine a scenario where any of that is pretty. Here are our top suggestions for having holidays that are festive and disaster-free.


Smoke Detectors

Check your smoke detector batteries to make sure they’re working. This is key whether you’re staying home or going away for the holidays.

Holiday Lights
Stringing up lights this weekend? Outdoor lights next to electrical wires or indoor lights strung around dry trees are a really bad idea. Watch where you hang lights and make sure your tree is well-watered. If you’re leaving the house or going to bed, do us a favor and turn off the lights!


Open Flames
Fires in the fireplace and candles are common this time of year (as are radiators)—if you set up a Christmas tree this weekend, make sure it’s at least 3’ from any open flame in case it falls. If your tree is artificial make sure it’s flame retardant.


Turkey Fryer
Apparently improper use is all too common with turkey fryers and can lead to an explosive fire if you aren’t careful. Look, don’t use a turkey fryer if you don’t know what you’re doing, okay?! (I say don’t use it at all but that’s just me.)


Opportunistic Thieves
Once the gifts and packages start coming out, grab them as quick as possible to prevent them from being stolen. Keep curtains closed so thieves can’t see all the fabulous gifts and new giant-screen TVs just sparkling inside.


We are looking forward to enjoying Thanksgiving with our families. We hope to not hear from any tenants because they committed any of these cardinal sins! Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!


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