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Category: Property Owner

Once we’ve decided to work together, the next step is to sign a property management agreement. Your Realtor®/sales consultant will prepare this document and send it to you digitally for signatures. As soon as that is signed, your assigned account manager will contact you for onboarding.

Category: Property Owner

We love getting asked this question because we love sharing what’s special about us! There are three main ways in which we stand out:

  • Our focus on education. We believe the best way for a rental investor to be successful is through knowledge. This includes teaching our clients on such topics as: what it takes to be a good steward of your home; taking care of tenants so they take care of your property and stay longer; being financially prepared for the costs of owning a rental property; choosing the best properties to buy; and many more.
  • We don’t just “babysit” your property—we actively seek to help you save money and make money. This includes maintenance troubleshooting that leads to simple no-cost repairs performed by tenants; protesting your property taxes; choosing the best qualified tenants (not the first qualified) as this allows us to get you more rent when applicants bid for it competitively; sending air filters to tenants (at no cost to you) to protect and enhance the life of your HVAC system; and having a Resident Benefits Package that rewards tenants in various ways for on-time payments.
  • We keep the most critical functions of property management in house and don’t outsource them. There are companies that will vet applicants, lease homes and handle maintenance for us but we don’t use them. We know that the best way to ensure quality, timeliness and accuracy is by performing these key services ourselves. It creates a greater connection with our tenant community and ensures that we know what is going on so we can better serve you.

Showing Questions

We use ShowingTime for our agent showings. If the property is tenant-occupied, they will be notified to confirm your requested time. If the property is vacant, as soon as you sign up you will be approved to go. Instead of Supras we use Codeboxes or combo lockboxes for access. Access info will be provided to you by email or text (based on your own settings). 

Please have some patience as the tenant may be at work and not able to respond right away. The tenant will automatically be contacted through ShowingTime again if they don’t respond. You may also cancel your original request and submit a new showing request if you don’t hear from them. If you tried at least twice without any success, please email us at and we’ll help you to schedule.

We do require that you schedule through ShowingTime. If you have requested a showing but not heard back, please know that ShowingTime will automatically escalate by contacting them a second time. If you still don’t hear from them, please cancel your original request and submit a new one. If you then don’t hear back, please do let us know and we’ll help you get scheduled during business hours. 

Lockbox Questions

We hear you! We know you like Supras but they unfortunately don’t fully serve the needs of property management companies with a large volume of listings and the need to accommodate self-showings. In this technologically enabled real estate world we live in, we beg your patience with us as you spend a few extra minutes using the Codeboxes. Thank you! 

Please refer to the MLS listing for access information.

Please email us at or text us at 512-910-4408 detailing exactly what is happening when you try to schedule a showing. If possible, include screenshots. We’ll make sure to get the issue resolved so you can show our property.

  • In many cases when the Realtor has this issue, the exact process hasn’t been followed. Please double check the instructions.
  • When you arrive at the property, please text the serial number on the Codebox itself (8 digits) to the text you received, which will then give you a 4-digit access code.
  • If the Codebox appears to be defective – maybe the batteries are dead or the spring-loaded door won’t open, please contact us right away at 512-910-4408 and we’ll help you get in!

Application Questions

Due to the sheer volume of requests we get, we are unable to respond to every application question. However, if the listing is Active in MLS, then we are accepting applications. If your clients apply but their apps aren’t processed, they will be notified and their fees will be refunded.

Please email your applicant status request to and someone will get back to you. Applications take 2–5 days to process, so please have patience as we collect all needed information. Should we need any additional information, we’ll contact the applicants and/or you to request it.

We require a photo ID. If they are self-employed or we are unable to get an employment verification, then 6 months of their most recent bank statements will be required to prove income.

Yes! Applicants should fill out this form and submit it with their application—there is a place to upload documents.

  • In most cases, delays are due to incomplete applications or unresponsive employers and/or landlords. We’ll notify your clients of missing items and won’t be able to continue until they are received. When it comes to landlords & employers, your clients can help move things along by notifying them to respond quickly.  
  • We have an exceptionally low eviction rate due to our comprehensive review process. Our #1 goal is to make sure we have the right tenants in the right homes. We know this can take some time but we beg your patience during this process. 
  • Please let us know what is happening when they try to log on, ideally with a screenshot included. You can email us at or text us at 512-910-4408. 
  • Sometimes it works if they try a different web browser or a different device (e.g., if they are using their phone, try a computer). Or it could be the case that they need to clear their cache/cookies.

We prefer to get verification directly from employers whenever possible. If this isn’t possible, then 6 months of the most recent bank statements can be used.

If we are able to verify income through their employer, no bank statements are needed. If we’re not able to verify income through an employer, then 6 months of the most recent bank statements are needed.

Yes! As long as their savings can be proved, we will be happy to consider them. In these cases we usually collect a double deposit.

Other Questions

Please click here to learn all about it. This is found on our Resources page where you and your clients can see other useful information. 

We’re glad you asked! Please refer to our flyer here. This is found on our Resources page where you and your clients can see other useful information.

The max we typically hold a unit is 2 weeks. Even if your client can’t move into the home for a month, we recommend they take possession within the 2-week time frame.

Please refer to the MLS listing for this information.

Most make readies take 1–2 weeks depending on the scope of work. In most cases the available move-in date listed reflects a 2-week turnaround. 

If your clients have any requests to make changes at the property, they will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please email us at

Yes! We are happy to work with students. Also, students are a protected class in the city of Austin.

Yes! We require 6 months of their most recent bank statements to prove income.

No, sorry. We don’t do leases shorter than 12 months. Please refer to the MLS listing to see what we will consider.

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